Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What makes Coffee News different from other print advertising?

A:Coffee News is a fun! Our readers make the choice to pick up a copy, therefore we know they are actually reading it. Coffee News is brief! We offer just enough fun and interesting material to grab the readers attention, but still leave them with time to peruse the advertising as well. Coffee News is only one page! Your ad is on the front or back, but never lost in the middle. If your ad is in Coffee News, no doubt, it gets seen!


Q: What is your circulation?

A: Currently, our total city-wide circulation is estimated to be 30,000 readers each month.

Q: Can I subscribe to Coffee News?

A: You cannot currently subscribe to Coffee News. It is a free publication distributed primarily at restaurants or any other place where you might have some time to read while waiting.

Q: How long have you been publishing ?

A: We have been publishing our edition of Coffee News since 2008.

Q: What are the weekly contests all about?

A: Each week, we hide our Coffee News Guy in one of the ads. To enter the contest, all the reader has to do is fill out our online form, mail the name of the ad that our Coffee News guy was hiding in to our offices or e-mail us.

Q: How often do you publish and where are you distributed?

A: New issues are distributed weekly to restaurants, delis, coffeehouses, etc. Its purpose is to provide POSITIVE, ENJOYABLE reading to those waiting for their meals (seen by a high number of readers 3 meals a day!) or relaxing over a cup of coffee. With Coffee News, there is no BAD news – only trivia, fun facts, local events, and other fun things that draw attention (like the chance to win cash each month). To see the locations where you can pick up a copy of Coffee News, visit the Distribution area of this web site.

Q: How long has Coffee News been in existence?  

A: Coffee News was originally researched and founded by Jean Daum in Winnipeg, Canada in 1988. It has grown to over 100 locations in Canada, more than 300 in 24 of the United States, and has spawned editions in Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Finland, India, Malaysia, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. And at the beginning of 2002, the Coffee News World Head Office reported that Coffee News had been cleared to begin publishing in the European Union. The new European countries are: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Ireland. A French edition, Pause Café, is published in Quebec, with Spanish editions in Mexico, the U.S. and Spain.

Q: Can restaurants advertise in Coffee News?

A: No. As a courtesy to all our restaurant and coffee shop clients in the area, we offer the protection that no business in the restaurant industry will be allowed to advertise in Coffee News. Although most restaurants would love to have an ad, they are disallowed automatically. The reason — a Burger King ad in Coffee News, for example, would have every McDonald’s refusing to carry Coffee News. No restaurant would welcome their competitor’s efforts to take away their customers right inside their own premises, so they would naturally kick them out — and Coffee News too. We do offer restaurants carrying Coffee News a free location listing on our web site showing our readers where they can pick up a free copy of Coffee News.

 Q: How much is an ad? 

A: Ads in Coffee News are less expensive than most other print media, so the small businessperson can easily afford to advertise regularly. Unless another business in your “category” of business is already advertising in the edition, it is open to you. That’s because all ads in Coffee News are EXCLUSIVE, meaning only one kind of an ad/service can run at a time in each edition, allowing OUR advertisers to lock out their competition — unlike any other publication in town! Please contact one of our sales staff for current ad rates as well as any special promotions available.

Q: Why do you recommend that the ad run for at least 13 weeks?

A: Your advertising plan should be precisely as long as your business plan. If you are promoting a concert that will be held on Wednesday night, then to buy advertising to run the following Thursday would not be smart. The only thing that might be less smart would be to buy a 13-week advertising schedule for a business that plans to be around longer than 13 weeks. A good ad is a seed for a fruit tree. Repetition is its water. Weekly consistency is its sunlight. The longer your seed is allowed to grow in the mind of the public, the greater and greater your harvests will be. We require AT LEAST 13 weeks to give your ad an opportunity to plant that seed in the minds of the community. Research shows that it takes up to eight times for a person to see a message before it registers with them. We want to make sure we give them what they need to become familiar with your business.

Q: Do I need to design the ad?

A:: All we need is a basic idea of what you want your ad to say and the impact you want it to make. At that point we turn your ad over to a professional graphic designer who will layout your ad. You will have a chance to approve and make changes to your ad before it runs. There is a onetime charge of $30 to layout your ad.

Q: Can I change an ad now and then?

A:Yes, if you decide you want to change your ad just let us know by phone, e-mail or fax. A significant ad change is $8.00. Minor text changes are free.